Defender’s Quest DX

When she contracted the deadly plague, royal librarian Azra was thrown into the Pit to die just like everyone else, but she never expected the shocking, terrifying destiny that awaited her, or how infuriating and bizarre her companions would be as she set out to save the world. Level Up Labs polishes their already stellar strategic indie RPG tower defense game to a mirror-like sheen to a title that should not be missed by anyone.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Available through Steam’s Early Access, Ark: Survival Evolved finds you lost and endangered on a sprawling island filled with prehistoric dangers and other hazards. Craft items and build bases, tame and breed dinos, and much more in this incredibly ambitious action/adventure survival sim!

Where We Lay Our Scene

World famous model Christian isn’t happy being a world famous model anymore… or at least, he’s started to wonder what else he could be doing with his life. A role in an upcoming film feels like just the chance to try something new, but who knows what direction his life will take, and with whom? A beautiful, cozy, sweet and smart little indie visual novel from Cyanide Tea that’s worth curling up with.