Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

After escaping from that horrible house, you finally make it back to your car to find your girlfriend has gone missing… but a bloodstained theater ticket provides a clue to where she went. FM-Studio provides a significant leg up over their previous freaky point-and-click horror adventure in this jump scare-laden installment that’s also free for iOS and Android!

Adventure: Turtle Head

Harriet, Emma, and Mason have snuck into school after hours in pursuit of rumours of a ghost on the grounds… and following a mysterious, anonymous letter Harriet receives. But when the lights go out and the doors become chained, it quickly becomes apparent there’s more going on here than an urban legend. Freeware indie horror game Turtle Head pays homage to classics like Ao Oni and Clock Tower, but some pitfalls of the genre hold it back in places.

Seduce Me

In this popular free indie otome, you play a young woman who inherits a mansion… that turns out to be a safe haven for five hunted incubi! Tons of endings, a full English voice over, and an original soundtrack make Seduce Me a clear labour of love and talent, but issues with consent and pacing may put some nails in its coffin for some players.