About IndieGameplay.com

IndieGameplay.com is a blog dedicated to talking about and reviewing video games, mostly those made by indie developers. It’s run by former JayisGames.com writer Dora, with a focus on highlighting cool games and their creators! This site is maintained as a free space for people to share and discuss the games they love, everything from free online games and freeware indie titles, to big releases and mobile games. As long as you love indie games and the people who make them, IndieGameplay.com is a place for you! Our site mascot and gaming buddy is Piksel, designed by the talented Makio Kuta!


I make no money off the operation of this blog. It’s a hobby! Maybe one day that will change. But for now, IndieGameplay.com updates daily with reviews, previews, and free online game spotlights of all kinds whenever I get a chance.

Please note that due to the fact that I work at ArmorGames.com, as of August 2016 I will no longer be reviewing games sponsored by them to avoid conflicts of interest.

Contact Dora at:

doraarewrites AT gmail DOT com

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