Dismantlement: Noodle

dismantlementnoodle.pngLink: Dismantlement: Noodle

Genre: Puzzle

Creator: Gam.eBB

Content Rating: All Ages

What kind of cruel maniac hides a bomb inside a delicious, steaming bowl of ramen? Gam.eBB, apparently, since Dismantlement: Noodle is a thing. For most of us, the biggest danger lunch poses is a burn on the roof of the mouth from trying to wolf it down too soon, but if you can’t figure out how to solve the puzzles posed beneath this faux deliciousness, you’ll be blown sky-high! To play, just click to interact with this devious dish and try to figure out the clues to open up each component. There’s no changing cursor to show what is and isn’t interactive, but pixel hunting is mostly extremely light, if present at all.

Dismantlement: Noodle is actually a pretty short game, which may disappoint longtime fans of the series who were hoping for something more substantial after a relatively lengthy silence from the developer. It’s also not particularly complex; there’s a book sitting right there on the table with clues for each food-themed code, so the game comes down to figuring out how to decipher them. It actually feels a little “by the numbers”, with less of the surprise and creativity that initially hooked players on each new Dismantlement installment. Dismantlement: Noodle is still fun, but it’s not as filling a meal as you’d hope, though that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it while you slurp it down. Kanpai!


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