Cat in Japan

catinjapan.pngLink: Cat in Japan (online), Google Play, iTunes

Genre: Point-and-Click Puzzle

Creator: Bart Bonte

Price: $1.99USD on mobile devices, free online

Content Rating: All Ages

In general, I think cats have the right idea most of the time. Get lots of sleep. Be affectionate to those that are good to you. Only poop where you’re supposed to. And, of course, eat lots of fish. Bart Bonte’s Cat in Japan is an adorable point-and-click puzzle game, also bundled into Where is Cat? on iTunes and Google Play, about a famished feline who’s hunting down twenty pieces of sushi hidden throughout the house. Which… probably means it hasn’t been properly refrigerated, but hey, what do cats know about food safety? To play, click on the screen to interact, and use the arrows at the left and right to move around the home. You can use any items you pick up by clicking on their icons along the bottom of the screen to highlight them first. Just keep your eyes out for clues to solve puzzles hidden throughout the environment!

catinjapan-2.pngLike everything Bart Bonte touches, Cat in Japan is clever, cute, and engaging at just about any age. It’s not as overtly simplistic as other games in his black cat series, so while it’s still not particularly difficult, it’s not so easy thatit plays itself. There’s no changing cursor, but each area’s design is such that you never have to resort to pixel hunting… you can see most everything at a glance that you know you can interact with, and so it comes down to figuring out how to do so, and where to use the puzzle clues you’ve picked up. It is, in short, exactly the sort of game your typical point-and-click puzzle fan wants when they’re looking for something fun, smart, and just short enough that it fits inside just about any break. Bart Bonte’s trademark whimsical style shines through, making Cat in Japan easily worth playing whether you like nigiri, sashimi, or are one of those monsters who likes to put avocado on everything.


3 thoughts on “Cat in Japan

  1. Yay and double yay! Dora is back, and there’s another Bonte cat puzzle. A fun one. Probably not too challenging since I managed to do it without any outside help.


  2. That was fun! I always love Bart Bonte games — his sense of humor is so light and non-cynical. Refreshing!

    Also, welcome back, Dora! 🙂


  3. Awww, so adorable and whimsical as always! Short, but some nice little puzzles (and soundtrack :D).
    I love Bart Bonte’s games… *big paws-up for this one* =^.^=

    (And yay, new posts! Welcome back! :))


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