A Sweet Typing Thrill

asweettypingthrill.pngLink: A Sweet Typing Thrill

Genre: Puzzle

Creator:  LucidShadowDreamer

Content Warning: References to murder, violence, death

So let’s say you’ve always envied Batman’s rogues gallery of elaborately themed villains, but you don’t quite feel like dealing with all the clown-themed murder. A Sweet Typing Thrill might instead be a good place to get your feet wet, as you deal with a criminal who leaves you clues in the form of cryptic, text-based puzzles that you must solve in order to chase them down. As a direct sequel to Playing With Letters, the story continues several years later, with you unconvinced that the killer is truly dead. Because this would be a really boring game if you were proven wrong with dental records and spent the rest of your time filling out police paperwork, you return to where it all began and found yourself caught up in yet another mystery. To play, you need to figure out the puzzle presented to you onscreen, and type in your answer before hinting Enter to submit it. If you want to speed up the text crawl, type Z, or hit Backspace to make it all appear at once.

A Sweet Typing Thrill is all about interpreting clues, figuring out what the game wants from you by sorting through the text and ignoring the red herrings. It might be as simple as an anagram, or require some more thought and cleverness to see through. Some of these are more satisfying than others, but a few of them are quite tricky indeed, and if you really want to play detective, you’ll pay close attention to the hints peppered throughout the entire game. The narration can be a little overbearingly dramatic, but the atmosphere crafted by the soft piano soundtrack and intermittently ticking clock draws you in. The game has a few strikes against it, however, like the tiny eye-straining white font, and some jarring typos (no, not the puzzle-related ones) that may keep you from ever getting too immersed. Still, if you prefer your puzzles sly and tricky, A Sweet Typing Thrill fits the bill. While the game ends, the story doesn’t (even if you get the “bonus” puzzle), so don’t put away your fedora and trench coat for good just yet.


3 thoughts on “A Sweet Typing Thrill

  1. It didn’t seem like part of the puzzle to be able to figure out the exact way to answer the first question, although I may have missed something. I tried “YES”, and “YES I UNDERSTAND”. The correct answer is my second try minus my first.

    For me, it was not only the small white font that was annoying, but also the all-caps.

    I had to use a walkthrough to get the number of haunting voices. Can someone explain that one?

    Still, it was fun to feel clever solving most of the puzzles.


  2. Barbara:

    The answer to the first question is given in the description below the game (though I missed it there, too), and is also the first answer in the original game that this is a sequel to, “Playing With Letters”. (Mostly, though, I got it because I had read your comment. 🙂 )

    To explain the number of haunting voices: Gur gvgyr bs gung yrggre vf “zbefr” va Zbefr pbqr. Gur yrggre nqivfrf lbh gb yvfgra gb gur ibvprf, naq fher rabhtu, vs lbh yvfgra gb gur zhfvp va gur onpxtebhaq, gur ibvprf fvat guerr frpgvbaf bs svir abgrf rnpu. Vtaber gur gbarf naq sbphf ba jurgure rnpu abgr vf ybat be fubeg, naq lbh trg guerr Zbefr pbqr ahzoref, juvpu ner gur nafjre.

    I look forward to the third game, “Twenty-Eight Pillars”. (“Willing Therapy Test”?)


  3. Thanks subtahnan. I had the sound turned off, but I turned it back on when I saw “voices”. I guess I didn’t listen long enough or carefully enough, or think hard enough about the title for that letter.


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