Dolls Mansion Escape

dollsmansionescape.pngLink: Dolls Mansion Escape

Genre: Escape

Creator: Miyabure

Content Rating: All Ages

Miyabure’s Dolls Mansion Escape is pretty cute, pretty weird, and, coincidentally, pretty okay. You find yourself trapped in a dim bedroom, with dolls lining the shelves, and a windowed door through which you can see another barren room… also with a doll backlit in the window glaring back at you. It might sound a little creepy, but don’t worry. There are no spooks here. The text is entirely in Japanese, but even if you can’t read it, you should still be able to make it through by paying careful attention to your surroundings. Just click to explore and interact, and transparent bars will pop up at the edges of the screen when you mouse over them if you can move somewhere else. To view an item you’re carrying up close to better examine or interact with it, click the item first to highlight it, then the “about” button.

dollsmansionescape-2Dolls Mansion Escape is, unfortunately, a little clunky. There’s no changing cursor to show you what you can and can’t click on, and some objects have a tendency to fade into the background. That, plus the potential inability of some players to read the text, can make getting stuck extra frustrating as they resort to clicking, clicking, clicking everywhere to try to advance. It’s not an illogical game, however, just a somewhat awkwardly designed one. The puzzles are tricky, and there are a few clever mechanics to solving some of them that will make you nod in grudging appreciation. Despite some rough edges when it comes to user-friendliness, Dolls Mansion Escape is a compact escape game with a handful of puzzles to conquer that’s worth checking out.


3 thoughts on “Dolls Mansion Escape

  1. Was there a clue that gave the final three numbers, (Bir, ikki, olti)? Or were we supposed to deduce that last clue from the letter and numbers that were missing?


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