Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio

ichima16.pngLink: Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio

Genre: Escape

Creator: Ichima

Content Rating: All Ages

With zen-like, delicate tonal music, a room with a gorgeous view, and some stylish interior design, Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio is another one of those “why would anyone want to leave here?” situations. You could just throw yourself down on that comfortable furniture and lounge forever, watching the waves roll by outside. But, well, I guess you don’t play an escape game just to admire the view, so to find a way out, you’ll need to hunt for items and clues to solve puzzles. The text is Japanese only, but you shouldn’t find any language barrier. There’s no changing cursor, so make sure you click your way through every nook and cranny so as not to miss anything.

ichima16-2.pngWhile they don’t have as big a history as, say, TomaTea or Tesshi-e, Ichima’s name has already become synonymous with quality in escape games. Room Escape 16: Alivio isn’t just easy on the eyes and ears, its puzzles are smart and clever without being obtuse, and solving one typically leads you in a logical fashion to the solution for the next. It’s not exactly easy, but it’s a refreshing middle-ground between five minute diversions and absolute brain-busters. There are a few mechanisms that may mystify you at first encounter, but that just makes them more satisfying when they click into place for you and you realize what you need to do. If you don’t want an escape game that’s going to treat you like you need training wheels, or like it wants to break you, Ichima Room 16: Alivia is a welcome treat. If you need me, I’ll be by the pool.



One thought on “Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio

  1. And out… sadly… XD
    Oh, I’m really longing for a nice vacation trip now *sigh* >_<

    This escape game had some clever puzzles and just about the right balance, being not too easy and not too frustrating. I got stuck for a moment once, before I realised there was more to the cupboard than the first glance would reveal. But if you have a keen eye and explore your surroundings properly (no pixelhunting, but some hints can be overlooked if you're trying to rush), it should all work out just fine. 🙂
    And while you're at it, you might as well enjoy the atmosphere for a while… \(^_^)/


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