Simulation: Apocashop

Being a shopkeeper is tough when you don’t even have a rock for a storefront, but with the help of Jeff, the talking, magic anvil, you just might make it! Stock your shop for each day and choose who to sell to, and how much, without running out of stock or being unable to pay taxes. Despite some issues with balance, a sense of humour and interesting plots makes this game inspired by Papers, Please! worth a play.

Fabulous – Angela’s Fashion Fever

Angela’s still trying to make it big after her marriage fell apart thanks to her cheating husband and vindictive ex-boss, but a chance to compete on a reality show lead by one of the most legendary fashion icons may be her chance! Can she keep her clients happy and win the contest while staying true to herself? A gorgeous, colourful, and fast-past casual time management games from the creators of the wildly popular Delicious series! Complete objectives, tend to customers, buy upgrades and more, but be quick!

Sunday Soundtracks: Bastion

Originally released in 2011, Supergiant Games’ action/RPG Bastio told the story of a world ripped to shreds in the sky, and the Kid trying to put everything right. While the game’s omnipresent, reactive narrator remains one of its most iconic elements, Darren Korb’s beautiful soundtrack is still unforgettable half a decade later.

Point-and-Click: The Lady or the Tiger?

Locked up and about to be put to potentially deadly trial for mouthing off about the king… oh, and watched over by an ork who wants to use your skull as a soup bowl! The situation looks bleak in clunky but charming puzzle game The Lady or the Tiger?, but you may be able to find a way out.